Top Brands in Wicker Furniture

The top wicker furniture brands also make attractive accessories for chairs and couches. Cushions for outdoor furniture are the most popular accessory because the items tend to fade in the sunlight, and you must replace the items.


Several wicker furniture companies, including Lloyd Flanders, Lane Venture and Brown Jordan make beautiful cushions. According to Wicker Paradise, it’s ok to use different brands of cushions on different brands of wicker furniture. The important part is making sure you have the proper size as long as you select the correct size.

How to Order Cushions

Wicker furniture cushions are made in several lengths and widths to use on a chair’s seat or back. You can use a measuring tape to understand the best size of cushion to order, and it is also possible to contact an online store to ask for more information about the products. When you are ordering cushions for outdoor use, make sure to order items that are covered with water-repellent fabrics. Some cushions are also made with fabrics that are designed to retain the color despite exposure to sunlight.

Select the Best Cushions

If you are looking for high-quality accessories from a top wicker furniture manufacturer, then order Lloyd Flanders cushions. This company uses dense foam in its seating cushions to provide a supportive seating surface, but the back cushions are filled with a soft fiberfill material to provide a comfortable chair. When it rains, the water flows from these seat and back cushions so that you can go outside without worrying about having a wet couch or chair.

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