Reasons to Regularly Have Your Ice Machine Cleaned

There is nothing like a cool glass of water with nice crisp ice from the ice machine. It can help cool us off on a warm summer day. It is also refreshing with a nice meal or for special treats like smoothies or a cup of iced tea. However, one thing that you might not have considered is that it is very easy for the ice from your ice machine to become contaminated. There are a few different ways that ice machines are regularly contaminated.

It is very easy for your ice machine to start inhabiting bacteria. This happens when the clean water that enters your ice machine freezes. Bacteria can also build up in the ice machine over time without a proper cleaning. This accumulation then infects the ice before you dispense it out. Of course, consuming bacteria infected ice can become a serious problem and severely effect your health.

Dirty Hands
Thankfully, many ice machines allow you to get ice by simply pressing a button instead of having to scoop out the ice with your hands. However, we sometimes might still do so if the machine doesn’t have this option, gets backed up, or we want to grab a large amount of ice quickly. If your hands aren’t perfectly clean when you do so, you run the risk of contaminating the ice.

Another threat from not keeping your ice machine properly cleaned is mold. Mold can grow over time, especially in moist areas. This makes the ice machine a suitable habitat. This is especially true if your machine is being kept at too warm of a temperature or if it has been off for some time. Consuming mold can cause a severe reaction, and it is best to make sure your machine is free of mold on a consistent basis.
With all of the possible threats from having a dirty ice machine, you shouldn’t take the risk of not having it cleaned properly. You can have sub zero repair service key largo come out to clean your machine. This way it will be done properly, and they can also check for any repairs that you might need.

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