9 Tips For Choosing The Modern TV Furniture

The most important and central part of any living room is the entertainment section. Generally, TV’s are placed on a cabinet or is attached to the largest wall in the living room usually facing the sofa or couch. But with time TV stands got sleek, modern and are available in wide range of varieties and styling options – symmetric, asymmetric, floating cabinets, ambient TV lighting, and variable colour schemes.

There is at least one TV in every household usually placed in the living room. Finding a good TV stand that fits the decor and budget is as difficult as finding a good TV at a decent price. There are few pointers that should be considered to search for the perfect TV stand for a living room.

  • TV Cabinet Dimensions

The very first thing to consider is the dimensions of your TV unit as well as the area of the space where you want to place it. If you have a flat screen then it will easily fit in the wall units but if you have some other type of TV unit then choose the wall unit accordingly. Consider the dimensions of your TV unit before choosing any TV cabinet unit for it.

  • TV Stand Location

Usually, TV’s are positioned on the opposite wall of the seating area i.e. a couch or a sofa. But if you have an unusually shaped room, then you can use TV stands built for the corner placement. Also, consider the light exposure in the living room, power outlet, speaker placement, etc. when positioning a TV stand in the living area.

  • TV Stand Style

Well, the TV is the focal point of any living room and overall of a house, you have to select the best possible decor style for it – a style that goes with your lifestyle as well as your living room interior. Check out some different TV stands you can think about for your living room:

  • DIY

DIY TV stand works when you have moved to a new place and is short on cash or want to do something creative with your living room space. The DIY TV stand is custom made which matches your taste and storage needs in every manner. Consider stuff that can be recycled like wooden crates or pallets or boards or some hardware to make your own TV stand.

  • TV Stands On Wheels

TV stands on wheels or casters are very functional as they could be adjusted according to your preference. They could be positioned in whatever direction you want it – be it near your seating space or your kitchen area.

  • TV Stand With Storage

It is fitting for a TV stand to include storage. As you need some place to put DVD player, music system and stuff and also for putting some decorative things that are not necessarily TV-related.

  • Concealed Storage

If you don’t want your stuff out on display shelves then the best option to go for is concealed or hidden storage. There are countless options available for TV stands with hidden storage which just looks compact and simple generally for contemporary living room space.

  • TV Cabinet

TV cabinets or wall unit are basically a symmetrical structure built around the TV, with drawers or shelves on all sides. Wall units are great for hidden or display storage.

  • Asymmetric Shapes

Don’t like the conventional TV stands and wall units with linear designs and symmetry? You can try some asymmetrical shapes with floating cabinets or shelves which will give a unique as well as simple look for your living room.

TV units are not just for placing a TV instead it is more than that. It can be used to place decorative such as sculptures, statues, books or photo frames. TV units come in a wide range of design and styles from High gloss TV unit to Scandinavian TV Stand to wooden wall units and much more. You can Buy TV stands online or search it at the conventional stores.

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